About MESA

Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) is nationally recognized for its innovative and effective academic development program. MESA engages thousands of educationally disadvantaged students so they excel in math and science and graduate with math-based degrees. MESA partners with all segments of California higher education as well as K-12 institutions.

MESA, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, has a proven track record in producing math-based graduates by providing support such as classes, hands-on competitions, counseling, transfer support and a community environment to students from middle school through four-year college.      (More about MESA)



About Hawkins H.S. MESA Program

The Augustus F. Hawkins High School MESA program is aligned with the University of Southern California, Viterbi School of Engineering (under contract with the University of California) that serves educationally disadvantaged students and, to the extent possible by law, emphasizes participation by students from groups with low rates of eligibility for four-year colleges. The Hawkins High School MESA program provides a pipeline of academic services through university level to increase the number of these students who graduate with degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The Hawkins MESA Program is a combination of students from Hawkins and alumni from Manual Arts High School who are focused in pursuing careers in STEM. With the financial and in-kind support of mentors, tutors, industrial professionals and corporate America, the program provides inner-city kids with experiences that will improve their opportuntiy of attending a university majoring in STEM. 


MESA students participate in a variety of activities including workshops, challenges, symposiums, plant tours and competitions such as FIRST Robotics, JPL Invention Challenge, MESA Day Challenges and VEX Robotics. 


We are also involved in community out-reach by promoting and hosting STEM related competitions and activities, in our local and greater community. We provide STEM educational and career opportunties by hosting events such as, Noche de Sueños, Noche de Ciencia,  the  JPL Invention Challenge, Failure is Not an Option, as well as information spots on television and at conferences and conventions.


Since 2004, 92% of students involved in this program have continued their education at a unversity or community college, with over 70% graduating with a degree.

MESA Program Adviser/Robotics Coach

John Santos

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Augustus F. Hawkins H.S. MESA Program

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