MESA Challenges


MESA offer activiteis for all interests from Bridge and Glider building, to racing mousetrap cars, speach competitions, the National Engineering Design competition. The MESA purpose is to help you design your future.


MESA Day is held each Spring of each year for middle school and high school students.  These hands-on mathematics, science and engineering competitions are aligned to California State Content Standards.  Students compete in such competitions as balsawood bridge, balsawood glider, mathematics, mousetrap car and packaged egg drop.       Read More

TEAMS (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science) is a one-day competition for teams of students that allows them to apply their knowledge in STEM to issues facing our global society.  Focused on an annual theme, original academic and innovative concepts are developed for the competition based on the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges.  

MESA-VEX Challenge
Challenge to be Announced

Each year the MESA folks at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering., MESA office come up with a different challenge focused on making students aware of environmental and health challenges facing engineers. Students are expected to design and build robots to meet the requirements an constraints of the challenge.

So why should I Join?

So after going through this site you still ask yourself, why should I join MESA? Click on the USC Logo, and you will see everytnign we do in MESA.