Failure is Not an Option


A STEM Based Workshop for Elementary School Students


"Failure is Not an Option," is a 30 to 40 minute workshop designed by Mr. Santos, to introduce elementary school students, grades 1 through 3 to the "Engineering Design Process." Students are introduced to the story of the Apollo space program and the Apollo13 mission.  The students are then provided with a real-world experience where "they are the engineers" at NASA and are expected to solve a problem that will save the lives of the astronauts of Apollo 13. 


Students will be exposed to "Identifying the Problem or Need"; understanding "Requirements and Constraints"; "Brainstorming" with the understanding that there is no such thing as a bad idea. "Teamwork", with the understanding that all members working together leads to success. Students will then work together to "Create" their device (with a hands-on experience) and "Test" their creation. After a successful test, each team will be allowed to present how they solved the problem through a "Lessons Learned" debrief. 


Students are then shown how it was solved by the NASA engineers.


Afterwards, students are given a brief explanation of what it is engineers do and how they are "Problem Solvers". students then share in information as to the types of engineers there are and the problems they solve. 


(This program can be modified as a parent-child, team-building project with the emphasis on having parents understand what STEM is and the STEM opportunities awaiting thier child with the proper academic experience.)


We work with Elementary Schools in the Los Angeles area. Our MESA members do this as part of their community service. A donation is requested to help replace our consumables and fund our Robotics program.  


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