Helpful Sites for FRC

Mentor Resource Library:


Chief Delphi Support Site


The Blue Alliance


Using the Engineering Design Process

for Design of a Competition Robot (White Paper)


Understanding Motor and Gearbox Design


Robot Parts:






Bobco Metal - (Least expensive in Los Angeles Area)

Scrap Metal

C&M Metals 1709 E. 24th Street




General parts, tools and manufacturing materials

McMaster-Carr  (Check on-line catalog, Pick-up in two hours)

Now Open Sundays


T-Shirts - Silkscreen

Groovysilk - (Tell them you're a US FIRST team: ask for Rene)

(They have been providing the best price for local teams)


New Teams:

How to Start an FRC Team


NEMO - Non-Engineering Mentor Organization


18 Hints for Rookie Teams by Team 341


Organization TIPS for FIRST Teams by Team 341


101 Ways parents can help - NEMO


FRC Designs - Robot design - Past Robot Designs


Team Safety

More Helpful Sites

US FIRST Information and Updates on the

2015 Controller

This year all teams are using a different control system. This site will help answer most of your questions.

Your FIRST Season

Robot in 3 Days 2015

2015 Manuals & Resources

Before you start Building

Watch This 

Before you start Read

the Rules 


WPI Programming Support for FRC


WPI FRC Control Support - C++ and JAVA


WPI Getting Started in LabVIEW


WPI Getting Started with JAVA


WPI Getting started with C++


CAD Design and Animation


FRC Team Marketing FAQ

Famous Failures

Before you get stressed out 


Mistakes Happen!!!