We owe the success of our students to the efforts of our mentors, tutors, partners and educators who volunteer their time to this program



 "Praise must be found for these amazing kids, who defy odds through their intense personal dedication.  After school and on weekends, while many of their friends are watching TV or playing games, these impressive students are often found at school, working together on solving a problem.  In this excitement I see great hope for our next generation of scientists and engineers.”

     Dustin Broussard - Northrop Grumman

"I find myself very fortunate to be among a group of mentors that share one important common interest; we know is the situation regarding STEM preparedness in our communities is critical because of the tremendous shortage of math and science teachers. ...There is no better feeling as a mentor than being thanked by a graduating senior.”                           Mina Martinez - Boeing


"My involvement with Mr. Santos and his kids goes back about 15 years ago.   His students were not only courteous and humble for the opportunities that they were given, but they were well spoken and mature beyond their years. .  I was so moved that I immediately volunteered to come out and help with tutoring, never imagining that I would find myself involved with this program for the next 15 years and FIRST Robotics for the last ten.  But here I am, trying hard to make it out there and lend support as best I can."        Elliott Enriquez - Raytheon


“I have actively supported the MESA Club as a mentor, teacher, advisor, role model and engineering resource. When I first met the students, I connected with them right away; you see I too grew up in their neighborhood.  Over the years I have had a window of opportunity to observe the progress and success of ISTA/MESA and AHHS/MESA Club programs including US FIRST Robotics in different situations and environments which gives me a unique perspective on the attributes and merit of the programs. With the support of the community, industry, military, government, and academia, currently almost all of the graduating students of these programs are going to community college or a university .

 Manny Sanchez - Lockheed Martin

Our Mentors

Professional Mentors

Ruben Basurto - Isuzu - since 2012

Dustin Broussard - Northrop Grumman - since 2010

Carlos Casco - CH2M Hill - since 2003

Oscar Ceron - Boeing- since 2008

Mike Cervantes - Raytheon - since 2001

Cecilia Bogran - Unvision 34 - since 2010 

Rosa Delgado - DPR Construction -since 2012

Elliott Enriquez - Raytheon - since 2000

Luis Franco - Hewlett Packard - since 2005

Frank Flores - Northrop Grumman - since 2005

Andy Galbraith - Venice Charter - 2010-2011

Jesse Ibarra- Northrop Grumman 2005-2007

Eric Lara - College of the Canyons - since 2007

Clara Lau - Raytheon (Retired) Since 2001

Pedro Lepe - Northrop Grumman - since 2013

Larry Lim - USC Viterbi - since 2005

*Bayron Lopez - CIM Group - since 2009

Tony LoRe - Youth Mentoring Connection -since 1999

Ben Louie - USC Viterbi - since 2005

Nico Luna - USC SHPE - since 2013

Dan Marten - Aerospace Corp. (Retired) - 2010-2011

Mina Martinez - Boeing  (Retired) - since 2000

Mike Morgan - Raytheon - since 2005

Steve Nash -Raytheon - 2007 - 2012

Mike Ortega - Baxter - since 2012

Jack Otero - Raytheon (Retired) -since 2000

Jesus Perez - Raytheon - since 2013

Art Rosales - Boeing (Retired) -since 2001

*Rene Ruvalcaba - GroovySilk - since 2007

*Sergio Perez - since 2014

Connor Renfrow - Raytheon - since 2012

Manny Sanchez - Lockheed Martin - since 2000

John Santos, Teacher - LAUSD - since 1997

Curtis Stout - LAUSD - since 2010

*Reina Villanueva - Northrop Grumman - since 2013        * -Alumni