SHPE/SHAPE Program at Hawkins High School


The SHPE-SHAPE program is in it’s first year. The purpose of the program is to assist those students who are doing well in school. One of the problems Mr. Santos noticed about inner-city schools is that with the changes in philosophy as to how students should be taught, kids that were doing better than most students were not being provided support. Since the focus of education has appeared to have changed its focus to assisting the lower performing students, Mr. Santos noticed that with a lack of support for these higher achieving students, they too were slowly starting to become marginal.


With the support of Nico Luna and the USC, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers  (SHPE) chapter along with sponsorship by SHPE National and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Mr. Santos was able to identify 25, 10th grade students to participate for this program. With the help of Tony Lore of Youth Mentoring Connection we were able to get our USC volunteers and industry partners trained as mentors.


The goal of the program is to make certain that these  students remain competitive in high school and with the support of their mentors, are academically prepared to succeed in college or whatever post-secondary choice they decide to undertake. With their mentors serving as role-models and tutors, these students will have someone they can go to for support with various challenges and obstacles. Students meet with their mentors at least 3 times a month and communicate with each other every week.


With SHPELA &  SHPE South Bay members and employees from companies such as Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman providing assistance to our mentors we are hopeful that these relationships will follow our students through college and into their professional lives. 


We want thank Nico Luna, the USC Viterbi School of Engineering , the USC SHPE Chapter, as well as, Tony LoRe of Youth Mentoring Connection, SHPE National and NAVSEA for stepping up and getting this program off the ground. 

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