Frequently Asked Questions about STEM


We hope this will answer many of your questions about STEM and Engineering. If you see a question that you would like to see our answer to, just click on the question and it will take you to the appropriate website. This page will grow with your input. We hope we are able to answer your questions and at the same time have a little fun.

About STEM

What is STEM? 


Do I really want to be an Engineer?  (Video)


What is the Value of an Engineering Degree?


What do Engineers do?  


A Day in the life of a Mechanical Engineer


Do Engineers get paid well?


How Much do Engineers Get Paid?


What types of Engineers are there?


How do I prepare “NOW” to become an engineer?


Why do I need Math????


Why is Math important to my future Success?


How can I succeed at becoming an Engineer?


What types of Engineering jobs are in my future? 



STEM Education in California/USA

The Science Gap - TED


Engineering America -Gwynne Shotwell - TED


Why Students in the US need Common Core Math


2 Million Minutes: US vs World Attitudes towards Education 


Education in America: Don’t Fail Me I am Rock and Roll


My Robot is Better Than Your Robot


The Engineer Drop-Out Problem


Best and Worst Paying Majors



Women in Engineering & Science

I am a girl, why should I go into engineering?


So You Want to be an Engineer?


Where are the Girls - Jenna Carpenter


More women needed in Engineering


Opportunities for Women in the Exponential Era - TED


Engineering Education and Innovation - Vivek Wadhwa - TED



Inspirational Videos about Women in Engineering:

Nancy Sterling TED Video


Cassandra Cole - TED Video


Black Female Engineer- My College Background


No Guts - No Glory - Heather Moyse - TED Video


Noramay Cadena - AML Video


Now Making Robot Instead of Pan - TED Video



Minorities in Engineering & Science

Spotlighting Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers


2014 NASA African-American History Month: Nadra Hatchett


Black Female Engineer- My College Background


Jesus Perez - AYM Video


Ignite The Future - Latino Engineers - NASA


Jose Hernandez - Astronaut - NASA


Dr. Franklin Chang Diaz - NOVA Science


Educationally Disqualified From Cal Poly Pomona - Dr. Eric Lara



Power of Positive Believing

The Power of Belief - Mindset and Success: Eduardo Briceno - TED


The First 20 Hours -- How to Learn Anything: Josh Kaufman - TED


How to Find and Do Work You Love: Scott Dinsmore - TED


Famous Failures

Radio Clips on Engineering

Can someone Help me with Chemistry?


Chemistry Textbook online 

Chemistry Textbook online for High School


Free Video Tutorials

Interesting Engineering - 11 Best Chem Channels



There is No Such Thing as Being BAD at MATH!!!


Math Study TIPS


How to Study For a Math Test


Can Someone Help me with Calculus?

Calculus Textbook online


Calculus for Beginners and Artists - MIT

Eddie Woo - Calculus Lectures -Youtube

Free Video Tutorials


Can Someone Help me with Trigonometry?

Free Video Tutorials:


Can Someone Help me with Algebra 2?

Free Video Tutorials:


Can Someone Help me with Geometry?

Free Video Tutorials:


Can Someone Help me with Physics?



Walter Lewin Physics Videos (Best way to experience Physics)

Free Video Tutorials

Understanding Physics without all the math,d,Physics,095393D5B42B2266




Professional Websites


AAES - American Association of Engineering Societies

ABET - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.

ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers

ASEE - American Society for Engineering Education

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

MAES - Latinos in Science and Engineering

NSBE - National Society of Black Engineers

NSPE - National Society of Professional Engineers

SACNAS - Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science

SHPE - Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

SWE - Society of Women Engineers



STEM  - HUMOR  (Nerd Humor)



This Is Engineering  - Music Video


Dilbert, “The Knack”




She’s An Engineer - Music Video


An Engineering Mind


"Engineer" by Only Won - Music Video


Only Won - LYRICAL ENGINEER - Official Music Video


ENGR Nights  Music Video


Stuff First Year Engineers Say


What is Pi ?   Comedian


Death by PowerPoint   Comedian 


OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine - Official Video



Med School Musical


The Haven Games - Yale School of Medicine - Music Video 


Gunner Style - Med School Music Video


What Does the Spleen Do? - Harvard Medical School    Music Video


The Gunner Song - Harvard Medical School   Music Video


Study Maybe - University of Maryland   Music Video



Solve Me Maybe - Music Video


Calculus Rhapsody - Music Video


Derive Me Maybe - Music Video


All I do is MATH - Music Video


Mathematics Paradise (9th Grade Class) - Music Video


Math Geek and I know It - Music Video


AP Calculus Project -Derive so Hard - Music Video


I will Derive - Music Video


The Math Song - Music Video