Thirteen Seasons of FIRST


2005: 2-7 

We started the season with 15 team members not knowing what to do and an overweight robot. We had a giant moving paperweight. This was something new to our mentors as well. We lost a lot, we laughed a lot and we learned a lot. 

4 team members go to college -3 in STEM    15 Students/7 Mentors


2006: 3-6-0

After our first FIRST experience we decided to use  lighter materials. We used plastics. “BIG MISTAKE!!!”  Each round we were picking up pieces of the robot off of the field. At the end of each match the announcer would say, “Team 1644 can you pick up your robot parts from the field.”  

5 team members go to college - 2 in STEM    18 Students/9 Mentors


2007: 3-5-0

We had a pretty good robot but poor communication between the drive team. We had to re-wire the entire electronic harness over night. We were the first robot to catch fire in L.A. Regional history. Two of our students were stopped by police on their way home that night. When the students told them they were part of Team 1644, one of the police officers laughed and said, “Isn’t that the robot that caught fire? Let them go, they have already had a bad day.”

14 team members go to college- 6 in STEM  22 Students/10 Mentors


2008: 6-3-0 

Our first winning season. We had a robot that could move the ball but at the end, lost our last two matches because our robot  drive system failed. We were asked to be part of an alliance but felt we would hinder our alliance-mates.

8 Team members go to college , 4 in STEM   26 Students/12Mentors


2009: 6-3-1 -Rank 5 – Quarter-finalist

This was an amazing year. We made some life-long friends by supporting the Chilean Heart Team. Team 2576 emailed the Los Angeles teams asking for help. We were the only team to respond. We said,  “We are not the richest team or the best team, but we are willing to share what we have.” We have been friends ever since. We made it to the play-offs and selected the two Brazilian teams whom we also supported.

9 Team members go to college    28 Students/12 Mentors


2010: 2-7-1 

This was the most challenging and emotional experience we have had as Robo-Skunks. Chile had an 8.8 earthquake with some of their team members suffering personal tragedy. How could they afford to come? Team 2576 wanted to send their robot and have our team operate it. We said we would help raise money to bring part of their team to Los Angeles. We helped raise the money to bring 12 team members. On Sunday after the competition, we took the team to Disneyland.  That evening when we saw the fireworks, we all cried. That season we became more than friends, we became family. We learned that FIRST is more than building robots.

8 Team members go to college in engineering    26 Students/12 Mentors


2011: 6-4-0

We had a good robot with poor communication among our operators. We were pretty busy that season, making our local community aware of STEM. We had various events to promote STEM including the JPL Invention Challenge L.A. Regional, which we continue to host today. We were also involved in promoting STEM on Spanish television as well as supporting other teams.

7 Team members go to college   22 Students/12 Mentors


2012: 5-5-1 -Rank 10- Quarter finalist  

We were not only helping team 2576, but also supporting 3 local teams that we helped recruit. With the help of our partners we were able to find the financial support to help get these teams started. We qualified for the playoffs and took our long-time friends, team 2576 with us as well as Team 1515 from Beverly Hills. We were able to provide team 2576 an opportunity that would help them with financial recruitment and establish national credibility in Chile.  

7 Team members go to college in STEM  (we had our first Gates Scholar)   

28 Students/13 Mentors


2013: 5-4 – Rank 17- Quarter-finalist (Replacement) 

We lost our home. The organization that took over Manual Arts High School decided that it wanted to go in a “different direction.” The program that we were a part of, that had been recognized by the White House, was without a home. Even though our partners and community wrote letters, it was not enough. We found someone to lend us a building and we quickly moved in the week before Christmas and continued to support the three local teams that we had recruited, as well as, Team 2576.

6 Team members go to college in STEM  28 students/14 Mentors


2014: 3-6-1 - Rank 54 - Judges Award

This was our first year that re-established ourselves at our new school, Augustus Hawkins H.S. Our team was a mixture of students from 4 different high schools that had either lost their programs or couldn't get enough interest at their school to start a team.

We have never refused to offer support to any team, so we took on the challenge of helping support two new teams from Los Angeles (Team 5100) and Roosevelt (Team 4964) High Schools. Huntington Park High School's team (Team 4029) was disolved due to school administrative politics, so we invited their team members to join us. We also continued to support  La Puente High School (Team 4078) . Even though our Invnetion Lab was not complete, we offered our resources and spare parts to other teams. We also supported our friends from Chilean Heart, Team 2576, with tools and supplies, as well as supported two other new teams from Chile.


Winning the Judges Award provided us with feeling that all of the years of hard work and living up to the spirit of Garcious Professionalism was being recognized by others. 


12 Team members go to college in STEM     23 students/17 mentors

2014 Team
2014 Team

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2013 Robotics Team
2013 Robotics Team

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2009 Robotics team
2009 Robotics team

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2014 Robot, known as the Beast, or as some of our mentors called it, "La Marana".

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