Week 4 - Getting Chassis running and building super-structure for final robot

We had a very successful week testing and finalizing components.. We also got our horizontal bandsaw (not pictured), which will make cutting metal safer.

We have 22 student team members-  12 girls and 10 boys

CAD Drawings of proposed Final Robot.

Lift Mechanism will allow robot to pick-up both boxes and trash can. It will allow robot to make boxes available for other robots to collect.

Our Forklift type system will use a Pneumatic that will open and close the arms to the lift mechanism to pick up boxes in any position. 

With the Omnidrive system we should easily be able to position ourselves next to or in front of any box and lift it.

Prototype Omnidrive Chassis, First Run with short tether.. Test a "SUCCESS!"

Testing Omnidrive System to assure it works under load.. With 150 pounds on board still working..

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